ALL About St. Louis Dog Trainer – Best Dog Trainer Around!

St. Louis has the top dog training expert of Show Me Dog Training! Jimmy is a professional and compassionate canine behavior specialist that works with all dogs – any size, breed, age, temperament, etc. As part of his training, he also makes sure that owners becomes consistent and established leaders for their dogs, directing their furry best friends to rewards, obedience, and happiness.

Jimmy covers all of the St. Louis area, and with a sharp office team behind him, he is ready to help you and your dog find behavioral success together. Call to schedule a training consultation at 314.627.5544, or send us an email.

Show Me Dog Training offers in-home dog training, so that dogs and their owners can have the convenience and the ease to begin their training in their most comfortable environment. All of our training is commitment-based, which means Jimmy works with you and your dog until all set training goals are fully accomplished. We offer basic obedience and behavior modification for adult dogs, but we also take care of our puppies with our in-home puppy training program. Dogs that suffer from aggression problems will also be helped and rehabilitated.

Below are just a few of the behavior problems that Jimmy commonly sees and helps dogs overcome:

  • Aggression (food, human, dog, child, resource guarding, cat, sibling, territorial, fear, etc.)
  • Hyperactivity (uncontrollable running, jumping, counter-surfing)
  • Separation Anxiety (crying, whining, howling, escaping, crate destruction)
  • Excessive Behaviors (destructive chewing, digging, barking, jumping)
  • General Disobedience (no recall, lack of response in both controlled settings and ones with distractions)

If any of these behaviors seem familiar to you, get your dog some help so that he/she can be behaviorally balanced! We are ready to help you and your dog experience success and behavioral growth together!