Meet Expert St. Louis Dog Trainer – Jason Rauschelbach

Jason is a rare breed. He’s always worked with animals, and not only does he have a
passion for training man’s best friend, he also has experience with man’s biggest friend:
the horse!

An accomplished equestrian, Jason has worked in the polo industry across the Midwest
and Southeast for over 15 years. Part of that job included spending a significant amount
of time giving second careers to off-the-track thoroughbreds by retraining them for new
careers as polo ponies. You might say Jason was pretty good at his job, since some of his
trainees have appeared in the U.S. Open.

Always at his side was his talented German shepherd, Baron, who loved to help bring the
horses in from the paddocks and put them in their stalls.

Jason has been putting his love of horses to use for more than a decade, so it’s no wonder
he decided to do the same for his love of dogs. He believes every race horse deserves a
second chance, and every dog deserves another chance to prove that they won’t let their
behavioral issues get the best of them!

Jason’s number one goal is to see families stay together. Thanks to his training through
Canine Trade Group and his own personal experience, he knows how to communicate
with dogs as well as horses. He wants to teach dog owners to do the same!

If you’re looking for a trainer who is a true animal lover, who will put his extensive
knowledge of canine psychology, canine history, and training methodology to work for
you, look no further than Jason with Show Me Dog Training!