Meet Expert St. Louis Dog Trainer 

Jimmy Feeney – Owner/Head Trainer

Jimmy Feeney is a professional dog behavior trainer and specialist, and also a lifelong dog lover and owner. He has owned both rescue dogs and purebred dogs, ranging from Golden Retrievers, Dalmatians, Weimaraners, mixed breeds, and many more. Jimmy has volunteered with animal rescue groups in the past and is currently helping at Needy Paws Rescue here in the St. Louis area.

Before Jimmy embarked on his professional dog trainer career at Show Me Dog Training, he was a letter carrier for the US Postal Service, which allowed him to meet many different dogs with all kinds of behaviors. He also worked in the corporate world, specifically working in IT with training and supporting end-users & clients. After much hard work and thought, Jimmy decided to pursue his dream as a dog trainer.

After contacting John Van Olden of Canine Trade Group, Jimmy took the intensive dog trainer certification course, which made him the accomplished canine behavior specialist that he is today. Since then, Jimmy has helped dogs with mild issues, and also those with the most severe behavioral problems, such as aggression and anxiety. Jimmy will never turn a dog down, and his training success rate has been beyond remarkable.

When Jimmy is not training dogs or volunteering with animal rescue, he loves spending time with his 3 teenagers, participating in a variety of sports and especially enjoys watching the Cardinals, Blues and Rams. He also contributes a lot of time to his local community and parish. He has one dog Mylie, a Weimaraner, but looks to one day replace his old companion of 16 yrs Dice with another Dalmatian.

If you’re looking for superior dog training in the St. Louis area, call Jimmy and he’ll set you and your dog up on the path to success! Not only will Jimmy train your dog, but he will work with you so that you are a confident leader, that brings your dog to behavioral balance and rewarding progress! Jimmy is a commitment-based trainer which means he will stick by your side until all the training goals are fully achieved! When you work with Jimmy of Show Me Dog Training, failure is essentially an impossibility!