Best Dog Training in Fairview Heights by Show Me Dog Training

Show Me Dog Training is now offering the best Fairview Heights dog training in town! Originally founded in St. Louis, Show Me Dog Training is expanding and providing in-home and reward-based dog training in Fairview Heights and other local areas. Our Fairview Heights dog training programs are in-home and results-based, meaning we’ll set your dog up immediately for success and work with you until that success is fully achieved!

How Does it Work?

Professional, customized training in Fairview Heights and ALL of St Louis Enrolling in an in-home dog training program will allow owners to control their dog’s environment the best so that they can set the dog up for reward and eliminate the opportunity for failure. It makes learning and adjustment easier as both owner and dog go through these positive lifestyle changes together. Once the dog’s foundational behavior and obedience has been established, along with the owner’s consistent leadership, then owner and dog will face real-world distractions and triggers outside the home, to ensure reliability and long-lasting results.

Show Me Dog Training is run by professional dog trainer, Jimmy Feeney. Since founding the company, Jimmy has worked with hundreds of behavior cases in Minnesota, some of them being some of the toughest cases around! Jimmy is a certified trainer through Canine Trade Group, and he utilizes reward-based techniques to teach dogs balance and how to appropriately behave and respond to their owner’s command. His training also promotes the idea that dogs can learn better when there’s a balanced and loving relationship between owner and dog, rather than one based on fear and dominance.

Show Me Dog Training’s in-home dog training programs will address all behavioral issues that your dog may be suffering from. Below is a short list of just some of the behaviors we’ll work with:

  • Anxiety (i.e.: separation, crate, etc.)
  • Basic obedience/commands
  • Aggression (i.e.: human, dog, cat, child, food, fear, territorial, leash, etc.)
  • Puppy training
  • Housebreaking and marking
  • Bad greetings (i.e.: jumping, barking, nipping, etc.)
  • Leash pulling and reactivity
  • Hyperactivity (i.e.: excessive barking, jumping, running, digging, etc.)
  • Counter surfing and snatching items
  • Recall 
  • Calm behavior around a baby or young child
  • And more!

We Get the Results!

When you sign up with Jimmy and Show Me Dog Training, you sign your dog up for lifetime training so that you have a support system through training, and even after training is complete! We understand all dogs are different and may progress at different paces. Rather than leaving dogs behind, we will work with committed owners until we accomplish our training goals together! It’s hard to fail and lose with Show Me Dog Training…because we won’t let you!

If you’re in Fairview Heights or elsewhere, and need a committed, competent, and compassionate dog trainer, call us at Show Me Dog Training and we will set up an initial behavior assessment between you and Jimmy, so that he may learn exactly what issues your dog is facing and how to beat them. All training plans will be tailored to fit the individual dog and owner, so that their specific issues and needs are addressed.

Call us at 314.627.5544, or e-mail us using our contact form! Feel free to look through our website to learn more about our training, our success, and how we can help you and your dog!