The Best Dog Training in Clayton – Show Me Dog Training

If you’re trying to find the best dog training in Clayton, look no further than Show Me Dog Training! Our trainer is a highly-trained, vet-referred, and certified canine behavior specialist that demonstrates great skill and compassion with all his clients and their dogs!

Show Me Dog Training offers a variety of in-home dog training programs what will help any dog of any age, size, breed, or temperament. We do not have any breed restrictions with our training…we work with any dog and with any owner that is committed to positive behavioral change!

Show Me Dog Training: Why Choose Us?

Show Me Dog Training prides itself in providing the best Clayton dog training programs, using reward-based methods that have been time-tested and consistently effective for nearly 30 years! We work with dogs, but we also work with their people as well, improving the chances of lifetime success. We aim to tackle the dog’s behavior issues, but also strengthen the owner’s leadership and give them the confidence and tools to set their dog up for reward! Through our training, the bond of love, trust, and respect between dog and owner flourishes!

Show Me Dog Training offers the best dog training in Clayton and the surrounding areas.Our in-home dog training begins at home, but we also face the challenges of the real world and all its distractions and triggers. Starting at home allows everyone to acclimate easier and focus better, thus preparing your dog before we advance into more difficult training situations and exercises. Through our training, your dog will learn better behaviors in the home AND outside the home, and both with distractions and without!

One of the things we feel makes us stand out among our competitors is our results and our accountability. All in-home training clients will receive a lifetime commitment from our trainer, meaning we will work with you and your dog until you get results! We will set short-term goals so that our clients can reach their long-term goals, but we believe every dog is different and we should give dogs the individual time they needs, whether it is five lessons or more! We are also available for consultation and additional visits if more help is necessary, even after a client deems the training finished. 

We hold ourselves accountable by having open communication with our clients and with their veterinarians! We know behavioral health is just as important as general physical health, and sometimes they can be linked to the other! We make sure everyone that is part of the dog’s well-being and behavioral progress is informed and part of the success!

How Does It Work?

Contact us at 314.627.5544 or e-mail us using our contact form and we’ll ask a few questions about your dog’s situation, and then we’ll set up an initial in-home consultation for you and our trainer. This will allow our trainer, Jimmy, to meet you and your dog and get a first-hand experience on the issues. From there, Jimmy can then devise a training plan tailored to your dog’s problems and your goals, and then change can begin! Be sure to look through our website for more information on Jimmy, our in-home dog training programs, and all our success stories!

If you’re a frustrated dog owner in Clayton or any of the surrounding areas, call us for help and we’ll get you and your dog the lifetime results you need! We routinely work with issues such as aggression, anxiety, hyperactivity, lack of obedience/manners, poor leash behavior, and more. No behavior is too much for us, so contact us today for the best Clayton dog training!