Best Dog Training in St. Charles

Looking for a St. Charles dog trainer that will address your dog’s needs and your training goals? Show Me Dog Training serves St. Louis, St. Charles, and all other surrounding communities! Offering the best reward-based and in-home dog training, Show Me Dog Training will work with your dog AND you so that you can both succeed and reach positive behavioral change together!

How Can We Help Your Dog??

What makes Show Me Dog Training remarkable is our certified professional dog trainer, Jimmy Feeney. No matter what mild or severe issues your dog may be experiencing, Jimmy will be there and work with your dog until results are met. Jimmy has worked with dogs all his life, volunteering at Need Paws Rescue in St. Louis, and graduating with honors for his Trainer Course at Canine Trade Group, one of the top dog training networks and schools in the country.

Show Me Dog Training provides the best dog training in St. Charles and the surrounding St. Louis areasAlong with his credentials, Jimmy’s hard work and overwhelming success is proof enough that Show Me Dog Training is your best dog training choice in St. Charles. Veterinarians refer him, clients praise him, and dogs adore him. Through Show Me Dog Training’s programs, Jimmy will guide you and your dog through a training regimen that is in accordance with YOUR needs and your dog’s existing issues. Even if your dog has been blacklisted at their daycare, or if other people or trainers have declared your dog “untrainable”, Jimmy will work with you and won’t give up until you get results! All of Show Me Dog Training’s programs are commitment-based, which means if an owner commits to training their dog, Jimmy will be there until you consider the training complete!

Owners get the most out of our in-home dog training programs. You’ll be hands-on in the training process, and learn how to consistently communicate with your dog, while building your relationship together. Beginning with little to no distractions in the home will allow you and your dog to succeed and become more equipped to deal with distractions down the road. After covering the basics and allowing everyone to adjust to the training structure, Jimmy will set up lessons with you and your dog in more triggering environments, such as at the park, at your vet, at the groomer, at the outdoor patio of your favorite coffee shop, and more!

No behavior issue is too much for Show Me Dog Training. We has successfully helped with the following problems:

  • Aggression (human, dog, fear, leash, food, cat, baby, territorial, etc.)
  • Anxiety/fear (separation, new people, crate, etc.)
  • Housebreaking
  • Leash behavior (pulling, lunging, barking, chewing, etc.)
  • Improper greeting and manners (jumping, barking, charging, counter surfing, nipping, etc.)
  • Puppy training (obedience, potty training, mouthing, desensitization/socialization, etc.)
  • New baby (established boundaries, walking nicely with a stroller, impulse control, etc.)
  • Basic obedience (commands, recall, etc.)
  • Hyperactivity (barking, jumping, chewing, digging, other excessive behaviors, etc.)

If you are in St. Charles and are ready to commit to your dog’s behavior progress, then give Show Me Dog Training a call today! We will discuss your issues and setup an initial in-home consultation for you with Jimmy, so that he can meet you and your dog, and give you a full behavior assessment and training plan that caters to your individual training goals. Write us using our contact form or give our offices a call at 314.627.5544.