Aggression CAN Be Corrected!

As a St. Louis dog trainer, I am ready to take any case, even the toughest dogs imaginable. Throughout my career, I have worked with many clients that have come to me after trying numerous trainers in the past. I don’t make it a secret that I am willing to work with any dog, and that many dogs that I work with are often labeled “untrainable”, where they are on the brink of being surrendered or euthanized. People lose hope in their dogs because others refuse to work with them or don’t know how to work with severe behavior issues, so therefore they just tell these desperate owners that their dogs are doomed. This is ludicrous…it can take a lot of work and time, but change IS possible even with some of the “worst” dogs.

Show Me Dog Training St. Louis - Aggression CAN be fixed!!!!

We CAN fix aggression and keep dogs in their homes!

Aggression is usually the problem that will send dogs to shelters or in hands of animal control (though I’ve heard dogs being given up for minor issues such as barking or potty accidents!). There are many forms of aggression and there are varying levels of them. For instance, while many people would like their dogs to be barking and lunging at strangers approaching the home, that could be a sign of territorial aggression. This is usually fine with some people when it comes to their homes, but they have to make sure the dog doesn’t act this way toward guests or get to any point where it’s incredibly violent.

Dogs can be aggressive toward other dogs too, and it could be for many reasons: dominance, over food, protecting the owner, etc. Dogs can guard all types of resources, not just food, but also water, toys, treats, and even a person or a room/space! A dog can be aggressive to people and it might be a certain type; I have worked with many dogs that seem to have some aggression toward men, children, infants, people that might be wearing sunglasses or backpacks, or if there’s a large group of people.

If aggression goes untreated, then there’s a high risk that you and your dog might end up in a serious situation. If your dog bites someone, there’s a chance animal control might be called and/or you might be sued. Depending on how bad the aggression incident it and also how many marks your dog has on their record for aggression, it could lead to even more devastating consequences, such as a dog needing to be given up by the family and/or sent away to be euthanized.

Aggression is a behavior problem and CAN be corrected! It is not always an easy task, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! Before allowing your dog to get in serious trouble, find help and fix the problem before things get out of hand. Aggression can be linked to some anxiety and inconsistency that is going on in the dog’s head and lifestyle. As a dog trainer, it is my job to not only eliminate these issues, but also bring peace to your and your dog so that he/she can happily stay with you in the home forever!

Don’t let any one tell you that your aggressive dog is hopeless…without talking to me first! Call 314.627.5544 if you need help with your aggressive dog! Talk to us and we’ll see if we can enroll you and your dog in our St. Louis aggressive dog training program!