Boarding & Training vs. In-Home Training

As an owner looking for guidance, you’ve probably perused plenty of board & train programs before finding your way to us, and you’ve probably noticed that one of the things we stress most heavily is that our experience is not the typical boarding experience. This is one of the things that our clients love the most about us, and that we think makes the most difference in how your dog experiences their learning. Read on to find out how this method is a little bit different, and why it matters.

dog in training Sending your dog may seem like a convenient solution. The way it works, with slight variations between facilities, is that you select and enroll your dog in a preset program. The dog stays in either a kennel facility or at the trainer’s home and is trained together with a group of dogs. The program lasts anywhere from a week to a few weeks and by the time you swing by to pick your pet up, they’ve learned a list of commands and behaviors. Convenient, right?

Unfortunately, this separates you from a key part of your dog’s life – their learning process. By missing out on their adaption of these skills, you’re also missing out on a chance to bond with your dog and understand them better. If you don’t see how they learn, you’re risking not being able to handle other behavioral changes down the road.

That’s what we wanted to change about dog training. We think you should learn right alongside your dog, which is why we do our trainings in your home, on your time. All of our training programs are customized to meet your needs as an owner, and we keep you informed during the whole process so that you are better prepared to handle any changes down the road. If you’re interested in being hands-on and involved in your dog’s learning experience, give our trainer a call today.