Dog Ownership is Not for Everyone

Each dog, no matter the breed, age, size, or personality, comes with his/her own unique set of quirks. There will be things about your dog that annoy you, and there will be things about your dog you love. Some of the annoying things include shedding, drooling, figuring out what to do with him/her when you go on vacation, and waking up earlier than you’d like (in the freezing cold) to let him/her out of the house to go potty. But these are just facts of owning a dog, and if the love, acceptance, and affection you receive by letting a dog into your life is worth all that, dog ownership is for you.

But there are other things about your dog that may drive you crazy, too—things that you don’t have to accept as everyday facts of dog ownership. Poor canine habits, like pulling on the leash, drinking out of the toilet bowl, counter surfing, jumping on company, growling at people/animals/noises/dust, peeing inside the house, digging holes in your yard, destroying your shoes, refusing to listen, etc. can be changed. I can show you exactly how to modify your dog’s behavior and make co-habitation a little easier.

My name is Jimmy Feeney and I serve the St. Louis, Missouri area as an in-home trainer with Show Me Dog Training. I’ve been certified and educated through the prestigious Canine Trade Group school for canine professionals, which means I’ve extensively studied the canine mind and training techniques.

If you live in the St. Louis area and you’re living with some undesirable canine behavior, give me a call. We can discuss your individual needs over the phone, and if you choose to meet with me for an in-home consultation, I can design a plan just for you, to enrich the relationship you have with your dog.

Give me a call at 314.627.5544 to learn more about me and Show Me Dog Training.