Dog Training Is For Owners Too

We get a ton of calls and emails from dog owners who are at their wits end with their dog’s problematic behavior. These clients are also owners who have had their dogs trained before at either a doggy boot camp or a board and train program where they don’t have any direct involvement in their dog’s training. Many clients are anxious to send their dog away thinking that some type of intense training program will be a quick fix to all their behavior problems. These programs are popular option but they can sometimes do more harm than good when it comes to behavior modification and long-term results.

Our St. Louis dog training will train both you and your dog!Here at Show Me Dog Training we believe that training the dog owner is just as important as training the dog. As a professional dog trainer I can undoubtedly take your dog and train him to behave and follow commands; but what about when I am not around? This is one of the major drawbacks of board and train programs. The dog will respond and behave like a model citizen during the training sessions with the trainer then once they are home for a few days or weeks they began acting like a wild child and revert back to their old mischievous ways because the owner doesn’t know how to properly handle their dog.

Our St. Louis dog trainer is committed to working with both you and your dog until all your dog’s goals have been met. Not only will we teach you as the owner how to effectively communicate with your dog, but we will also teach you how to properly handle your dog when they are on and off the leash. We will help you regain total control over your dog as the owner and we will provide you with the knowledge and techniques to set your dog up for lifelong success.

If you are ready to be hands-on with your dog’s training then Call us today at 314.627.5544!