Our Dog Training Programs: Committed and Balanced

Becoming a professional dog trainer here in the St. Louis area was one of the best decisions I ever made. Prior to this life-changing experience and career move, I was always around dogs and people who had dogs. I saw a lot of dog owners go through frustration experiences with trainers they hired. Many cases, the owner would talk about how the training package they signed up for did not achieve the long-lasting results that they anticipated for their dog. For some, they felt that their dog would have to train forever, and for each additional training session, they would have to cough up more and more money. I’ve also gotten people telling me about how they tried “all positive” training and now their dog just constantly expects treats, and STILL, has has problematic behaviors!

Dog Training St Louis I started Show Me Dog Training because I truly DID want to show people what great dog training actually is. My training programs is based on commitment (from me AND from the owner), balance, consistency, and always aiming to set the dog up for success. When people ask me what my dog training is, I saw it is “reward-based” and “commitment-based”. And many will inquire afterward, “What does that mean exactly?”

When I mean “reward-based” I don’t mean that I am just going to fill your dog’s belly up with treats, and hope that this will teach him not to be ill-mannered, aggressive, or anxious. What I mean is that my goal is for the dog to succeed, therefore I will aim to always set the dog up for reward and success. I may use treats every now and then to do this, but I am a big fan of pushing praise and affection, rather than food all the time. By setting the dog up for success, I am also eliminating opportunities for failure. Doing this, I can control the dog’s environment and set them up where they can focus more on the training and get more structured, without being constantly distracted or triggered. Naturally, I do WANT them to overcome these distractions and triggers, and I will bring those into the picture, but I will do so after the dog gets the basics covered and can actually be more prepared to deal with these. This is how I set the dog up for success!

Commitment-based” means exactly what it sounds like. If a client is committed to doing the training work and to their dog’s behavioral success, then I am committed to them until the job is done. I don’t set it up where the dog who might be struggling a little bit, is going to cost their owners more money because he/she requires more time or training sessions. I am not about nickel and diming my clients – I want them to succeed and I want them to be able to succeed at their own pace, rather than pushing the dog over the edge, and potentially even setting them back further in the training. I also take into consideration the owner’s needs for the dog, and their own lifestyles. If they can commit to the training protocol, then they will learn to keep their normal schedules and routines, while also being skilled handlers and leaders for their dogs. And whether it takes five weeks or five months, the committed owner and committed trainer will get the positive results!

All of my training programs follow this philosophy, and it doesn’t matter who your dog is or what kind of behavioral issues they may be going through. Show Me Dog Training is committed to getting dogs the help they need, and allowing them to live full, happy lives in their forever homes with their families!

If you are looking for top-notch training that is committed to their clients and follows a reward-based methodology, then call me at 314.627.5544 and we’ll get you and your pup started ASAP!