Real World Dog Training St Louis Style!

If you are in the market searching for a dog trainer it is important to find a trainer who offers “Real World Dog Training.” I know some of you may be wondering “what on earth is real world dog training?” This type of dog training will teach your dog how to behave in any environment with the presence of unfamiliar animals, humans and other worldly distractions. A well- trained dog should be able to demonstrate consistent behavior in any situation.

Show Me Dog Training St Louis will train your dog to be a superstar in ALL situations. In order to get your dog ready to take on the real world with grace and etiquette we must first start in the home. We need to teach your dog appropriate behaviors and manners in an environment where they are comfortable away from distractions. Once your pup is able to demonstrate consistency with all of their basic commands in the home we will then begin to train outside the home and gradually introduce distractions.

Our in-home training program allows us to create a training regimen that fits your dog’s specific needs. If your dog takes a little longer to learn a command, no problem! One of the major benefits of our in-home training is that it allows us room to modify the training program based on your dog’s progression and learning style. We will not move on to the next lesson until your dog has mastered whatever they have been working on in the previous session.

Setting your dog up for lifelong success is my only goal. Show Me Dog Training offers commitment- based training instead of a set number of lessons because we want to ensure that your dog is fully trained and for some dogs this may take longer than others.

We will cover all of the basics as well as distraction training that will make your dog the one to envy at the dog park! Give us a call today at 314.627.5544 to start training your dog in the real world!