Separation Anxiety? We CAN Fix That!

Show Me Dog Training has helped countless dogs in the St. Louis area to overcome their separation anxiety. This behavioral issue results in things like chewed up couches, “accidents” in the middle of your living room floor, or excessive barking and whining. Many dogs have less obvious symptoms. If you think your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, you’re probably right. It’s very common.

Show Me's St. Louis dog training program will get your dog on track and solve any separation anxiety they may have!

Trained dogs are happy dogs (and owners)!

When you leave your dog alone, you leave them to their own devices. This is may seem obvious, but it’s the main cause of separation anxiety. Why? Because if your dog’s “own devices” are faulty, or non-existent, they will fail you. They won’t be able to handle being alone and they will act out in some way. They don’t know they’re failing you. They’re just picking something to do and doing it based off instincts.

Dogs aren’t quite children (although they are our children, duh), but an analogy using children is useful here. Imagine if you were to leave a classroom full of kindergarteners alone for just an hour. Can you imagine the havoc you would come back to? It may upset you that your desk is turned over; that somebody ate all of the blue crayons; and that someone had an “accident” in the corner of the room, but can you blame them? No! They didn’t know any better. It’s the same for your dog. When you leave a dog alone they may try to do the right thing and fail, or not do anything right, but it’s your job to teach them what’s right in the first place.

Show Me Dog Training is all about in-home, customized training that is created through an analysis of your situation. We put together a training plan focused specifically on your dog and the goals you have for them. We’ll teach your dog what’s expected of them and establish clear boundaries using a reward-based program that shows dogs how to make the right decisions. Our training is commitment-based so your trainer works with you until the job is finished. You are never left to your “own devices” until you have become the dog trainer yourself. This is how we ensure that we are the very last dog trainer you will ever need!

Don’t give in to your dog’s separation anxiety by trying to compensate for it in some way. You don’t have to avoid leaving your dog alone or bribe them with treats or toys in hopes that they don’t make a toy out of your brand new shoes. If you’re in the St. Louis area, give us a call at 314.627.5544. Connect with one of our experienced behavioral specialists that are all too familiar with what you’re going through. If it’s easier, drop us a line or two using our contact form.

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