St. Louis Puppy Training Program 

When I first started my St. Louis dog training here at Show Me Dog Training, I wanted to be able to help some of the most severe behavioral issues in the area. Being able to help dogs that are suffering from deep anxiety and uncontrollable aggression is something that I not only excel at, but it brings me so many rewards to see the success keep the families together, and allowing them to avoid painful options such as rehoming or euthanasia.

St. Louis Puppy Training ProgramWhile I’ll take even the toughest cases, including ones that other dog trainers will declare “untrainable”, I always want to include my basics. This includes some basic obedience training, and especially puppy training.

My puppy training program wants to ensure that owners and their new puppies get started on the right foot (or paw). To me, puppy training is very important, and unfortunately, is something that many owners will bypass until the puppy is older and starts exhibiting poor behavioral habits. I think that owners should take the early, extra step and nip any potential problems in the bud, before things develop or escalate!

Puppy training with me is positive and is always about setting the puppy up for success. It’s unfair and completely counter-productive to employ harsh training techniques. I also don’t want to put a puppy on an accelerated learning curve, when in reality, they need a lot of time and patience from us. Puppy training is covering the basics – simple as that. If a puppy is young and already experiencing severe problems, such as aggression or serious anxiety, we will still start with the basics and confront the major issue afterward. Rushing or jumping the gun will not help the puppy progress, and in some ways, could send them back a few steps in the training process.

When you sign up with me, I meet with you first to discuss what it is that you as an owner want to accomplish from puppy training. The training is in-home so that we can set things up properly for the puppy, and make the transition into training much easier on the puppy. We approach training based on these goals and the puppy’s behavior and lifestyle. We can cover all of the basic, yet necessary departments: potty training, crate training, basic commands (Sit, Down, Stay, and Heel), leash behavior, nipping, separation anxiety prevention, socialization, desensitization exercises, etc. If your puppy can learn and overcome these challenges, then there’s no doubt he/she will grow up to be a happy, obedient adult dog!

Puppy training is a great benefit for your dog – don’t wait around until your puppy grows up with numerous behavior problems. Set you and your puppy up for success today! Call 314.627.5544 to schedule your consultation and first in-home puppy lesson!