Show Me Dog Training is here to help with out St Louis dog training programs! rest assured dog owners and dogs alike knowing our local dog trainers are here to any tackle canine behavior problems. We work one-on-one with you and your dog in your home, where you can feel comfortable, relaxed, and involved.

Show Me Dog Training offers professional in-home training to all of St. Louis and the Bi-state area, including St. Louis, St. Louis County, Jefferson County, along with Belleville, Collinsville, Waterloo and Edwardsville IL areas


Show Me Dog Training remains committed to helping your dog and your family with any training needs and issues that arise in these challenging times. We offer comprehensive training packages, either in-person, in compliance with CDC protocols, as well as online and telephone consultations and support. Our staff stands ready to take your call and discuss your training needs.

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Our training programs have helped with the following canine behavior problems:

• Excessive behaviors (barking, chewing, digging, whining, etc.)
• Fear/anxiety
• Hyperactivity (jumping, barking, counter surfing, etc.)
• Poor greeting behavior (jumping, barking, running for the door, etc.)
• Aggression(fear, sibling, human, canine, territorial, maternal, instinctive, etc.)
• Poor leash behavior (pulling, lunging, chewing)
• Puppy training/proper bonding (obedience, housebreaking, mouthing, etc.)
• Basic obedience

Best In Home Dog Training in St Louis MO

Mentally exercising your dog

Mentally exercising your dog Exercise is important to your dog’s physical and mental health, but what types of exercise are best? Show Me Dog Training believes that exercise is about quality, not quantity; the key is to play repetitious obedience games with your dog...

Aggression CAN Be Corrected!

Aggression CAN Be Corrected! As a St. Louis dog trainer, I am ready to take any case, even the toughest dogs imaginable. Throughout my career, I have worked with many clients that have come to me after trying numerous trainers in the past. I don’t make it a secret...

Kane: Cat Aggression Case Study

Kane: Cat Aggression Case Study Dogs and cats are not known to be instant best friends. The personalities of these two species are very distinct and different: dogs are very loyal, companion-based, and thrive from affection and attention, whereas cats are much more...

You have a lot of choices when looking for personalized dog training. You want the best in home dog training in St Louis MO for your dog. At Show Me Dog Training, we use training techniques that have seen success over many years.

We specialize in aggressive dog rehabilitation. However, we also have a range of training programs to help your pup overcome other issues. Each can be customized for your particular dog’s needs. Our certified trainer can work with you and your dog on:

  • Puppy training, including crate training and housebreaking
  • Basic obedience and commands
  • Jumping on people
  • Excessive barking and/or chewing
  • Pulling on a Leash
  • Food Snarfing
  • Advanced Obedience
  • Hyperactivity

Our commitment-based approach uses positive reinforcement which we find to be the most effective at establishing trust and building respect.

There Are No “Bad Dogs”

In St Louis, aggressive dog rehabilitation is a big part of what we do. Too many dogs end up in shelters because they were deemed “beyond hope.” No dog is beyond hope for us. We work with dogs of all breeds (and combination of breeds) who have shown aggression towards people and/or other dogs, or aggression around food, toys and what they consider their territory.

Aggressive behaviors typically come from bad past experiences with other people or animals. This behavior is not a reflection of you. But, you can help your dog get better by going to the root of the problem.

Each situation is different, so there’s no one technique that solves the problem for all dogs. The best in home dog training in St Louis MO will included sessions with the entire family. The relationship between your family and the dog is very important for long term success. Training is most effective when everyone uses consistent techniques and words with a dog.

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Jason is certified by Canine Trade Group – School for Professional Dog Trainers.