St Louis Dog Training Success Stories!

Do you want to be a part of our St Louis Dog Training Success Stories ? Then you should take a look at some of the clients we have helped and give us a call if you want to see how our training program can help you and your dog. Remember no dog is beyond help and change is possible

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Melanie was very territorial when people would come by the house or enter the house. We tried our best to do what we knew but after she bit someone we knew we needed serious help from a professional. Show Me Dog Training was just who we needed, the trainers showed us exactly how to handle and communicate with Melanie so we could bring her anxiety level down and rid her of her territorial behavior. Now Melanie is a happy, anxiety free member of our family! Thank you Show Me!!!

Lisa R.

Mitzy was very good except for her dog aggression issues. We could not take her anywhere without her freaking out when she saw another dog. The training program used at Show Me was exactly what we needed. We tackled her dog aggression head on instead of just managing it. We are so happy to have come across the awesome trainers at Show Me Dog Training!!! Thank you!!!!

Carol S.

Our Lab Cody was showing signs of fear aggression, it was only getting worse as time went on and we were afraid he would actually bite someone. We found Show Me Dog Training and we are so lucky we did! They helped us cure Cody’s fear aggression and we are all so much happy for it. Thank you sooo much!!!!

Frick Family

They are phenominal! Our feisty puppy has learned so much in one lesson! Happy owners!

Linda G.

They are great at what they do. We saw improvements after just a few lessons. Not only did they train my dogs they made sure I knew what I was doing to train them as well. I definitely recommend Show Me!

Steve B.