St Louis Dog Training Programs

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You may expect private, in-home lessons in dog training to be very expensive, but most of the time our programs turn out to be cheaper than group training or board-and-train programs. Show Me Dog Training charges by the job, rather than by the hour, so whether it takes a week or a year to reach your training goals, we stick by your side for one flat fee.

Commitment Based Training Programs

Other training companies may charge by the hour, day, or session, and if it takes your dog a while to get the hang of things, that can turn into a lot of money. We’ve also seen time and again owners choosing to use a different company that seems cheaper, only to wind up paying for both trainers when the sub-par training fails to stick.

We do everything we can to ensure we’re the right training fit for you before we ask for your commitment. We visit you for an in-home consultation to observe your pet’s behavior and meet you in person. We ask questions, answer questions, and create a training plan specifically for your dog, pending your approval. If you like what you see and hear, we’ll get started with the plan right away.


We offer training programs to address every canine behavior problem

The basic in-home training program is suitable for any non-aggressive behavioral issue in a dog aged sixteen weeks and older. This may include leash pulling, crate training, basic obedience training, anxiety, hyperactivity, housebreaking, etc.

Our puppy training program is for puppies aged sixteen weeks and younger. This program is designed to help puppies start off their canine/human relationship on the right paw. Training may include housebreaking, crate training, basic obedience, as well as training for common puppy problems like mouthing and separation anxiety.

Our aggressive dog training program is for dogs exhibiting behaviors such as snarling, growling, and biting for any reason. Reasons may include fear, possessiveness, overprotectiveness, or inappropriate reactions to other dogs and humans.

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