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Group Dog Training Classes

Our in-home dog training programs here at Show Me Dog Training are a top hit and a popular choice for those owners looking to get one-on-one attention for their troubled pooches. Being in the training world for many years, we understand that many other in-home dog trainers limit the chances for social situations and distraction training. At Show Me Dog Training, our in-home training always offers opportunities for desensitization and distraction training, but we also knew that there is a demand for group training sessions as well.

The Practical Pet Protocol is here to address this demand – a premier comprehensive obedience course that gives your dog a group setting to learn and thrive in! The Practical Pet Protocol is different from other group training classes – we provide valuable information on training techniques and canine behavior, but we also teach you as the owner how to put it into context and into any type of environment, be it controlled or chaotic. Instead of teaching you how to teach your dog just parlor tricks (though we can cover some of those as well!), we work to teach you how to improve your dog’s behavior in the moment and in the future, should any other bad habits crop up.

The classes will cover:

• Basic obedience commands such as sit, down, stay, heel, come, and place

• Using basic obedience commands as a way to deter future bad habits, such as jumping, counter-surfing, leash pulling, bolting through doors, etc.

• Relationship coaching for you and your dog—proper bonding and ensuring your dog views you with trust and respect, not with fear.

• Practice in real-world situations, to ensure the training sticks even in the toughest, most distracting situations.

• Invaluable resources such as our 40+ page manual you can reference outside of the classroom and our mobile app, which makes it even easier for you and your dog to practice between sessions!

It is critical to know that while we would love to accept every dog into our Practical Pet Protocol classes, we know that not every dog is the best fit for this type of group environment. This is why we ask that for dogs that are younger than 4 months, to wait a bit longer before enrolling. Also, dogs that experience severe behavioral issues, such as aggression or leash reactivity with other dogs and people, are not eligible for the Practical Pet Protocol course. However, we will not leave any dog unattended – for those too young or with severe disruptive behaviors are always welcome to take part in our in-home training programs!

At a variety of locations in the St. Louis area, the Practical Pet Protocol is taught by esteemed dog trainer, Jimmy Feeney. For any inquiries about group classes, please contact via the contact form!

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