St Louis In-Home Dog Training & Puppy Training 

In-home dog training with Show Me Dog Training is the right choice for any owner in the St. Louis, Missouri area.

Training that is proven to work!

Our In-home dog training has proven to be more effective than alternatives like group training or board-and-train programs, and our trainers are more experienced and educated than other in-home trainers. All trainers are required to participate in a grueling course amounting in over three hundred hours of combined book work and practicum, no matter previous experience, to ensure they know exactly what to do in any canine behavior situation.

Our expert trainer offers the best dog training experience in the St Louis area, we will create a program around your lifestyle and your dog’s specific needs. Does your dog pull on the leash? Let us teach you proper leash-handling techniques. Is your dog a poor listener? Let us show you how to communicate with your dog through basic obedience lessons. Is your dog prone to having accidents in the home? We’ll help you create a structured schedule to get your dog’s potty habits back on track. No matter the problem, we can help you help your dog with out in home dog training classes.

Why is in-home training so much more effective than other programs?

Quite simply, training a dog within the home allows us to keep your dog in his/her normal environment around his/her behavioral triggers. In-home training keeps your dog’s anxiety at a low level, and it allows you to remain involved. Our goal is for you to learn what we know about training your dog so you feel empowered and in control even in our absence. By the end of training, your dog should have as much trust and respect for you as he does for our professional trainers.

Group training may prove to be helpful in the area of basic obedience, but it lacks the individual attention Show Me Dog Training offers. You may learn things that don’t apply to you, and you may find the training lacking in some areas that would have been helpful. Group training also takes your dog out of his/her environment, so he/she is learning to control the undesired behavior away from the very places/people/animals that normally sets it off.

Sending your dog away to what is essentially doggy boarding school presents the same problems as group training, plus a few extra. Not only do board-and-train programs take your dog out of his/her comfort zone and away from the behavioral triggers—they take you out of the equation completely. Your dog will learn to listen to a different person in a different home, when he/she should be listening to you in your home.

Let’s get started 

Our in-home training methods produce better and longer-lasting results. We offer the best in St Louis dog training, let our professionally licensed dog trainer show you why with an in-home consultation. Call 314.627.5544 or send us an e-mail to discuss your dog’s behavior with one of our professionals today.